The health benefits of nature….

Connecting with nature can help us feel happier and more energised, it can give us an increased sense of meaning and purpose, and make tasks seem more manageable. 

A wealth of studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the natural world on our health. 

Imagine then, an entire holiday immersed in a beautiful landscape, like a rich coastline or a wild forest teeming with an array of species. Off Grid Travel offers holidays in unique eco accommodations set deep in stunning natural locations. We pick our destinations for their authentic connections with nature and wildlife, usually seeking to partner with conservation areas, national parks or areas of incredible beauty.

Once there we encourage you to take nature at your own pace. We can help tailor activities or leave you to discover the natural wonders for yourself. We can deliver fresh, locally sourced produce to your door and we can even deliver picnics to secret locations for you to surprise family and loved ones.

The more senses you use in nature – not just sight and sound but also smell, feel and taste – the greater the benefits. Why not try it for yourself?

 “even a brief nature fix – ten minutes of wind brushing across our cheek, or the sun on our skin” – can leave us feeling better. He adds that “The more senses we use – not only sight and sound but also smell, feel and taste – the greater the benefits”.

Dr Mathew White, from the University of Exeter