Interiors with integrity…

What you should feel when you enter one of our creations – Hideaway, Lodge, Journeys or SkyBed – is a sense of relaxed luxury that is inspiring, comforting and lets the outdoor in.

All of us at Off Grid Travel care about nature, the environment and its future. This is why our buildings are rated Carbon Zero and it’s why we put so much time and effort into our choices for the interior of every building.

Wherever possible all our materials, fabrics and products are from a reliable source – either local to the location of the building, made by a small, independent company, or certified as sustainable and ethical. This means if you stay with us in Scotland you are likely to find beautiful liquid soaps from a boutique manufacturer in the Scottish Highlands, using all-natural ingredients and fragrances. You might find touches of Harris Tweed or tartan and you can rest assured they will be from small, authentic suppliers.

Our pillows and duvets are produced using recycled plastic bottles. Typically 20 plastic bottles will produce enough fibres to make a 600g pillow and this saves approximately 85million bottles a year from going to landfill on pillows alone.

Our towels and bed linen are produced especially for us so we can trace the entire process back to the very beginning.