Climate-friendly buildings with green technology

Our accommodations are created by a specialist environmental design and construction firm based in the Highlands of Scotland. Working with local timber manufacturing partners across Europe, our buildings are super-efficient, low energy and low impact.

They are rated ‘Carbon Zero’, meaning everything about the design and manufacturing process is about minimising waste and using natural materials in buildings which can be repurposed, moved and ultimately recycled. We have adopted Circular Economy principles to ensure that as much material and labour is from the local supply chain. For example, we’ve found that recycled newspapers provide an excellent and highly efficient form of insulation. Erecting our buildings on stilts means we don’t need to use concrete for foundations in any of our locations.

As much as possible, each unit is prefabricated off site which means that construction time on site is minimal – and therefore far less invasive to flora and fauna.

We use alternative energy sources and innovative waste treatment solutions. We survey each site together with our landowner partners and assess which off grid technologies are best suited to generate power for that location. We use natural water sources and rain water harvesting. We continually research and innovate. If better solutions become available we test them, assess them and adopt them.

At the end of their long life our buildings have been designed to be taken apart and fully recycled, meaning nothing ends up in landfill. And no trace is left in nature.

Our Hideaway Design

 Hover over the yellow dots to learn more about our innovative design and off grid energy systems. 

Our Bothy Designs

Built using the same methods as the Hideaway our Bothy designs use sustainable local timber, offer great thermal performance and are also carbon zero. They each have a compact footprint yet clever use of space and an abundance of glazing. 

Below is a cut through image of the Classic Bothy design, showing layout and exterior form. A delightfully cosy space with loft bed (complete with star gazing window), wood burning stove, small kitchen, covered  porch area with seating and bathroom.

The image below shows our Panorama Bothy design. It has an entirely glazed bedroom at one end – for lying and gazing at the view – as well as a cosy living space and a second sleeping nook. Behind the closed door is the bathroom complete with shower, toilet and basin.

The Team

Off Grid Travel is a team of experts with backgrounds in nature and adventure tourism, wildlife conservation, low carbon manufacturing, interior design and alternative energy. Each member brings complementary experience, expertise and energy to developing new ways of exploring European nature.


Sustainability & Conservation

Our holidays are designed to make a lasting positive difference to the areas which our guests experience. The revenues generated for landowners and local guides and suppliers help to sustain a nature-based economy in the regions where we operate.