A sustainable vision starts with sustainable design.

At Off Grid Travel we are sincere in our commitment to conservation and sustainable travel. We only work with carefully selected landowners and conservation organisations to offer privileged access to nature and wildlife. In many of our destinations there has never before been the opportunity to stay overnight and have unrestricted access to the area.

It makes sense then that we felt we had to design and build our own accommodation to use throughout our business. We needed to know that the commitment to sustainability was as strong in the core elements of our buildings as it was throughout the rest of our business.

We looked into every detail of manufacturing and worked with the very best in the industry. 

We have also designed our structures to sit on stilts and be light, yet high quality and long lasting –this means they can be easily repurposed, moved and ultimately taken apart and recycled – so nothing ends up in landfill.

Ultimately this means each of our self-catering accommodation units will be assessed as “zero carbon” – something that we are hugely proud of. We knew it would not be easy to achieve but we also knew that we had come together as a team at Off Grid Travel to change the landscape of nature tourism.

“As standard we include green technologies and apply circular economy principles. This means we think about each building throughout its entire life cycle – from reducing waste during the build, using sustainably sourced or recycled materials, using local wherever we can, and reducing heat loss and toxic chemicals throughout each structure.”

Matt Stevenson