Selecting our Destinations…

One of our beliefs at Off Grid Travel is that we have to be quite picky about the places we put our buildings. We mean that in the most respectful way possible, but the truth is, only the best will do.

Our destinations will always be some of the most breathtaking – whether national park, nature reserve, conservation area or simply a private individual with a  beautiful natural setting. From Swedish Lapland to the Lake District, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Romanian Carpathian Mountains –  we choose the destinations for their spectacular scenery, natural beauty and opportunities for amazing moments in nature. We will never over develop a site; developments of 40 or so holiday cabins in a single field are not what we are about. 

Within our destinations we work with nature conservation organisations, communities, forest owners or innovative private landowners to develop our sites. These are rigorously planned and considered to be sensitive to the local nature and ecology.  Each of our sites creates jobs for local people and generates finance for nature conservation.

When they arrive we want our guests to be able to head off into the wild, or just kick back and relax at their accommodation – their choice of experience should appear effortless.  Behind the scenes though you can be sure of our commitment to making a positive impact and difference in every destination.