Nature Activities for kids – No. 1 – Quill making

We proudly boast that staying with us is to immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with those around you. What about if you are travelling and holidaying with younger children? There are lots of activities that are fun to do and can be done from just about anywhere, with just about anything that you can find around you. Here’s one simple idea for making a quill and ink…

You will need:

  • Some blank paper to try out the end result 
  • A pot to boil up your ink mixture (if making)
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Water
  • A knife to trim the quill

What to do:

Quill – To make a quill you need a feather that is as long as possible. The first       challenge is to go for a wander and find a feather. Once located a grown up could help to cut off the tip of the quill at an acute angle. 

Ink – making ink can become as in-depth or easy as you like. Younger children can have fun dipping the quill in diluting squash or coffee, but older children might enjoy getting more involved. You could try mushing up blackberries (or any berry), adding a pinch of a salt and a couple of drops of white vinegar. Or collect moss, bark, onion skin, cabbage, spinach or foraged leaves and start concocting yourself. Just cook up your potion with a spot of salt, water and vinegar and boil for an hour. Then filter your potion and give it a go!