Off Grid Travel at COP26…

As the autumn leaves were falling and the nights were drawing in, Off Grid Travel was gearing up to showcase our first HideAway unit at COP26 in Glasgow.

We had been invited due to the incredible manufacturing process involved in the HideAway’s creation. A process that we are committed to in all our designs and is part and parcel of how our manufacturing partner, Ecosystems, builds. Using all homegrown timber, the high-performance build fabric contributes to the off-grid technology solutions by minimising the need for energy in the first place.

The buzz at COP26 in Glasgow through November was something special. From private tours, public tours, private events and functions, the HideAway shone in its space. A beacon for the future of tourism – luxurious yet powered by green technologies, built to the highest standards from Scottish timber.

As soon as COP26 was over the HideAway was off to its new home, on Cambo Estate in Fife. A stunning location looking out to sea and an exciting partnership for Off Grid Travel.